About Us

Our team at Nationwide Short Sale Solutions has been facilitating short sales for Agents and Homeowners for five + years. Currently, we have over 500 Agent affiliations across the country.

We would be honored to serve you. Below is information on our management team's background and experience. With more than 80 years combined real estate and business experience they are the "best" in the business.

Jim Sullivan

Jim and his team fully explain our services to Agents and Sellers and answers any initial questions. Jim Sullivan began his Real Estate career in 1974 at the age of 21 and by the time he was 24 he was rated in the top 1% of a large franchise company. During his 30+ years as an agent Jim sold over 2000 properties. Jim has coached over 500 Real Estate agents to do the same thing. He coached Real estate clients on how to eliminate all unnecessary expenses and become more efficient and organized. Jim then took the skills and techniques he had learned and applied them to investing, buying and selling hundreds of properties. With the down turn in the market Jim and his team have used his knowledge and experience to develop a professional system for locating prospects and structuring short sale transactions. Jim is always available to explain our service to Agents and investors and their sellers and buyers. 

Pam Sullivan

Pam and her team are our facilitators. Pam has more than 25 years real estate sales and management experience. When Mayrene and her team have a complete file with all of the required initial paperwork, Pam’s team takes over and begins the process with the lenders. Her department also handles offers and contracts submitted by Agents.

Mayrene Micheli
Mayrene and her team are our Document/Short Sale Specialists.  Mayrene works closely with our homeowner clients to ensure that they complete all the necessary documentation throughout the short sale process and she will address any questions or issues they may have. She has extensive experience and knowledge in the pre-foreclosure environment.  Her primary goal is to make the homeowner as informed and comfortable as possible throughout the short sale process. Mayrene is bilingual and she will also be serving our Spanish speaking clientele (Se Habla Espanol).

Melissa Randall

Melissa has extensive real estate background as a licensed real estate Broker for 23 years. Melissa and her team perform the follow up process during the short sale facilitation.  All of our files and documents are scanned into our central database software system and all of our facilitators work as a team on all of our files.